Woodhaven's History

Marked for development in the early 1970's, Woodhaven survived due to the efforts of naturalists Jim and Joan Burbridge. Supported by local residents and conservation groups, the area was converted into a Regional Park. The Burbridges continued as resident caretakers and guardians of the park for almost thirty years. They have since passed away but they leave behind a natural legacy for future generations.

The Regional Board received a Forest Health Assessment of its Regional Park system in February 2007, which indicated safety issues due to the aging trees of Woodhaven, and decided to close the park. However, naturalists also pointed out that the park was home to at least one pair of an endangered subspecies of western screech owl. Thus, the Regional Board conducted further studies and create work plans to minimize the park's safety hazards and protect the environment for the owls and other species. In the spring of 2009, this work was finally completed and the park was allowed to reopen to the public on June 19, 2010.