Art Gallery: Winter

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Denise Kenney & Tanja Woloshen (dirs.) – The Chainsaw Ballet      1

Zompopo Flores (dir.) – Drums and Rattles      2

Cathy Stubington & Margo Yacheshyn –        
Lantern Installation & lantern gifts      3

Procession (Winter) – Led by Jimmy Ouma Okello      4

Stephen Foster – Raven Brings the Light      5

Sandra Fletcher (dir.) – Vocal Performance (Cathedral Singers)      6

Kathleen Baker et al. – Vocal Performance (Tribal Voices)      7

nancy Holmes et al. – Woodhaven Community Poems      8

Margo Yacheshyn – Woodhaven Postcards      9

All Art Gallery photos by Shed Simas, except where otherwise indicated.