Art Gallery: Spring

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CRWR260 Students – Audio Guides      1

Kenneth Newby, Aleksandra Dulic & Virginie Magnat – Bell Concert      2

Lara Haworth & Nicole Cormaci –        
Blue Darlin' (You're the Only, Only One)      3

CRWR260 Students – Have-N-Wood Zines     4

Natalia Hautala, Rachel Mercer & Tracy Valcarcel – Inner Landscape      5

Nancy Holmes & Tia McLennan –        
Open My Eyes: Twelve Woodhaven poems     6

Procession (Spring) – led by Lori Mairs     7

CRWR260 Students – Rock Poetry     8

Cathy Stubbington – Trail of Sticks (no image available)

Virginie Magnat – Vocal Performance      9

VISA265 Students – Woodhaven Flash Experience    10

CRWR260 Students – Woodhaven Trading Card Game    11

All Art Gallery photos by Shed Simas, except where otherwise indicated.